At Reitman, we connect top talent with leading companies across the spectrum of bioscience and healthcare. Whether you're an employer seeking to build a breakthrough team or a candidate ready to make a difference, we're your trusted partner. Our expert recruiters know the needs of both sides, finding the perfect fit based on skills, experience, and culture. We bring together the brightest minds in health and science. Let's change the world together, one successful placement at a time! 

Bioscience Job Placements

Job opportunities in Bioscience can range from research and development at leading pharmaceutical companies, developing innovative equipment for medical device manufacturers, or supporting groundbreaking work in environmental or food science labs. Here are some examples of temporary and direct hire bioscence positions Reitman frequently fills:

  • Accounting Staff
  • Administrative Staff
  • Assemblers
  • Customer Service Staff
  • Laboratory Assistants
  • Maintenance Staff 
  • Material Handlers
  • Research Assistants
  • Sales & Marketing Staff 
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Matching Expertise Across the Bioscience Spectrum

We help match the skills of scientists, researchers, lab technicians, and other specialists with the right role.

We give each client a thorough diagnosis.

Let’s Talk!

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