Finding Your Perfect Fit

At Reitman, our proven process is your winning formula for hiring success. For over 35 years, we've refined our 10-step approach to adapt to an evolving workforce and marketplace. Our expert recruiters start with honest conversations to understand what makes your company distinctly different. We then craft a compelling story that attracts top talent. Through targeted sourcing, rigorous screening, and insightful selection, we find the ideal fit in skills, experience, and culture. We handle everything, from candidate vetting to offer negotiation, so you can focus on what you do best. Our commitment doesn't stop at “hired.” We ensure a seamless transition and lasting impact with our vested approach to onboarding and retention. Let us apply our proven methodology to find the perfect fit.


The Reitman WaySM 10-Step Process

Our 10-step professional placement process results in a remarkable 94% success rate.*

  • 1


    Define the employer’s goals, roles, and expectations, setting the stage for hiring success.

  • 2


    Craft a “Performance Profile” outlining both soft and hard skills and experience to assure the candidate meets the hiring goals.

  • 3


    Develop a compelling Candidate Search Profile and Statement of Opportunity to attract top talent.

  • 4


    Find the best talent through focused research, sourcing, and recruitment of targeted and passive candidates.

  • 5


    Screen and interview candidates, building a shortlist based on the defined profile.

  • 6


    Conduct in-depth interviews, assessing “fit,” “coachability,” soft skills, and other knockout factors.

  • 7


    Verify pre-employment candidate information, including references, background checks, and potential assessments.

  • 8


    Facilitate a smooth transition with comprehensive training and integration into the company culture.

  • 9


    A structured onboarding helps new hires integrate and succeed throughout the intake process.

  • 10


    Plan for long-term employee engagement and satisfaction, fostering a successful hire.

*Reitman has a 94% placement success rate as defined by employee retention. The industry average is 85%.

Our process is our product.

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