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Tired of settling for "good enough?" At Reitman, we're passionate about making a difference. We help companies tell their unique stories and empower individuals to tap into their full potential. Ready for honest conversations that push you towards professional growth? We're here to guide you. We offer personalized staffing solutions, from temporary jobs to executive placements, across diverse industries. Rooted in Connecticut since 1998, we’ve facilitated over 45,000 successful job matches nationwide. Our meticulous placement process, honed over decades, ensures a perfect match, every time. This commitment results in unmatched client satisfaction and lasting partnerships.

People with Purpose

For over 35 years, Reitman has been placing temporary, temp-to-hire, direct hire, and executive staff across all levels in a wide variety of roles. As a family-owned business, we're fueled by passion and professionalism, building fulfilling careers for candidates and lasting partnerships for companies. We leverage our subject-matter expertise, dedicated team, and long-standing relationships to achieve success for all.

Why Reitman Is the Right Choice for You

We perform as an extension of your company, getting to know your business inside and out. Tap into our industry expertise to expand your team!

Rigorous Process

As a tried-and-true formula for success, our 10-step placement process ensures productive pairings of employers and candidates. 

Expert Recruiters

Our experienced recruiters combine hundreds of years of experience, tap into a vast talent network, and possess in-depth industry knowledge to make the right placements.

Tenured Team

Our long-standing staff shares the same philosophy of totally committing to our clients and working together to perfect our craft, which results in total satisfaction.

Family-Run Business

As a second-generation staffing firm, we treat everyone with care and respect, fostering long-term relationships and promising to be “a cut above.”

High Retention

A testament to our loyalty and longevity, we’ve served 30 clients from over 10 years and 10 clients for over 20 years.

Direct Hire Placements

Our direct-hire employees result in an industry-leading 94% direct hire retention rate, which means our placements stick.

Champion Voice

If you’re willing to do the work, Reitman will help you feel fulfilled and reach your potential.

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Temporary and Direct Hire Placements

Reitman has made over 45,000 temp/temp-hire and professional search/direct hire placements in a wide array of industries.


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