When your company is seeking a high-level position, rely on Reitman’s executive recruitment services to attract your next gamechanger. Our 10-step placement process identifies, recruits, and places highly qualified candidates to take your business to the next level. Whether you’re looking to complete the C-suite at a global corporation or add to the leadership team of a local startup, we’ve got the proven methodology and network of top talent to fulfill your direct hire needs.

Professional & Direct Hire Placements

Why waste time with basic job boards, overflowing inboxes, and robotic interviews? Reitman uncovers hidden talent to not only match your company’s current needs but to fulfill your future goals for long-term hires.

Beyond the Resume

We carefully select candidates who align with your business objectives – and we keep in close communication to ensure the new hire sticks.

Custom Candidate Profiles

Our Custom Qualifications Summary aligns their proven achievements to your performance goals, so you can feel confident in the new hire.   

All Green Lights

We pre-screen executives to identify any knockout factors, eliminating any deal breakers in the way of a direct hire. 

Set Up for Success

Onboarding and retention support make sure your executives hit the ground running.

Recruitment Success Story

Pre-Employment Checks Were User-Friendly 

“I want to thank the Reitman team for providing pre-employment background check service.  I used it for the first time and the process was very simple, quick, and user-friendly.  I’m very pleased with the information provided in the report.  It was clear and easy to read and it gave us assurance that we had the right person. Thank you once again for providing this wonderful service.”

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Looking to Staff Up?

Check out Reitman’s staffing services for qualified temporary hires.

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Our job is to fulfill yours.

Let’s Talk!

Reach out to Reitman to discuss your company’s recruitment needs.

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